Buy Serious Ocarina Player as a print book

Two versions of the print book are available, with a monochrome or colour interior:

Please note that the price of the print edition will increase to £29.95 on the 3rd of December. Get it now for £25.94.

Monochrome interior, softcover

Printed on thicker paper and with a thicker cover, it is available from, and will be from other distributors in the future. Price currently £25.94.

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Colour interior, softcover

This version is made available using Lulu's 'value colour' option to be price competitive. It is printed on thinner paper, and is only available from Lulu as they don't offer distribution on value products. Price currently £25.94.

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The financial issue with distributors

The financial situation with using 3rd party distributors with books is very bad. The distributor takes almost all of the payment, and I make almost nothing. If you want to support me, buy from Lulu directly.